Key: Degrees & Other Designations

  • B.A. — Bachelor of Arts
  • B.C.L. — Bachelor of Civil Law (postgraduate degree that was replaced by the J.D. at W&M in 1967)
  • B.S. — Bachelor of Sciences
  • C.A.S.E. — Certificate of Advanced Study in Education
  • D.A. — Doctor of Arts (honorary)
  • D.Sc. — Doctor of Science (honorary)
  • Ed.D. — Doctor of Education
  • J.D. — Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • L.H.D. — Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary)
  • LL.D. — Doctor of Law (honorary)
  • LL.M. — Master of Laws
  • M.A. — Master of Arts
  • M.Acc. — Master of Accounting
  • M.A.Ed. — Master of Arts in Education
  • M.B.A. — Master of Business Administration
  • M.Ed. — Master of Education
  • M.L.T. — Master of Tax Law
  • M.P.P. — Master of Public Policy
  • M.S. — Master of Science
  • M.S.T. — Master of Science in Taxation
  • Ph.D. — Doctor of Philosophy
Other Designations

P represents parent of alumni.
G represents grandparent of alumni.
HON represents honorary alumni.
HON J.D. represents honorary alumni of the W&M Law School.

How Names Are Listed at William & Mary

Our standard format for names in the Class Notes is [Preferred first name] [Last name as a student] [Current last name], followed by degrees obtained from W&M and the degree years of any children or grandchildren who attended W&M.

Undergraduate degrees are listed with only the year received and not the degree type. In some cases, the year listed denotes a preferred class year (typically the graduation year of the cohort they matriculated with). A preferred class year is listed for those who received enough credits in a W&M degree-seeking program to be considered alumni per the W&M Alumni Association bylaws, but did not obtain a W&M degree. Current undergraduate students have an expected graduation year listed; current graduate students do not.

In Class Notes, all alumni names are bolded. Due to space restrictions, only alumni with class years different from that of the column they are mentioned in have class years listed, and child and grandchild years are not included.