Spring 2017 Issue

Board Notes

By University Advancement Staff

The winter meeting of the William & Mary Alumni Association (WMAA) Board of Directors was held at the Alumni House, February 9-10, 2017. On Feb. 9, the full board began with approval of consent agenda items. The Executive Director briefed the Board on ongoing activities, the 100th anniversary of co-education at W&M, the Alumni Admissions network and plans for the Alumni House Expansion. The acting Chair of the Finance and Investment committee reported on year-to-date financial operations and reviewed investment portfolio performance on WMAA investment funds. Committee chairs provided updates on committee activities relative to strategic goals established in September. The Board Development Committee chair also recommended a slate of nominees for the spring election. The board also received an update on the second annual W&M Weekend, in New York City. On Feb. 10, the Board was briefed on plans for One Tribe One Day fundraising, held a discussion with the Vice President for University Advancement concerning W&M Weekend, and heard an update on the search for a new Athletic Director. The Board then broke out into committees, reconvened and reviewed actions on the strategic plan. Other significant discussion and decisions were made on the following actions:

The next regular meeting of the W&M Alumni Association Board of Directors will be May 18-19, 2017, in New York City, during W&M Weekend in New York, May 18-22.

The Annual General Membership meeting of the Alumni Association was held Feb. 11, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., in the Chesapeake Room of the Sadler Center. Leadership provided a Year-in-Review presentation to attendees on the mission, goals, operations and financial performance for the year ended December 31, 2016. No new business was introduced at the meeting.

To nominate someone deserving for the Alumni Association Board of Directors please visit the Board of Director’s webpage. Nominations are accepted all year long but must be received by July 1st to be considered for the next election year.

Election Update

The Board of Directors is pleased to present this slate of nominees for election to the Board with terms beginning July 1, 2017. As previously reported, the Board has changed its election cycle to coincide with the College’s fiscal year. In addition, the membership voted in 2015 to approve an increase in the size of the Board to 24 members. This 2017 ballot contains five members and 2018’s ballot, next March, will contain three members, for a total of eight new members over the two years. These steps to stagger the nominations were necessary to avoid too many members having terms end on the same date, and, the Board felt it important to not skip an entire election year. Therefore, this adjustment will ensure that, following next year’s election, the 24-member Board will rotate one third of its membership each year. These actions will complete all adjustments due to the growth in Board size and change in election cycle.


If you have not already done so, please go online now to cast your vote for the current slate of nominees to elect four additional members expanding the board as approved by the membership in 2015, and a member to replace Christopher Powers ‘73, who passed away in December. The Board recommends a YES vote for the entire slate. Voting closes May 7, 2017 at midnight. All alumni are eligible to vote in board elections. Full biographies and personal statements can be found at www.wmalumni.com/vote.

George Cruser ’84
“For me, William & Mary marries its rich history with continual innovation, drawing on the old and giving birth to the new. I believe that considering the historical context as part of creating change improves its success. I hope to help the Alumni Association continue to engage in our traditions while creating new beginnings.”

Megan Dorward ’07
Dorward2 “The College has given me so much — opportunities both inside and outside the classroom during my time as a student, a professional network as an alumna, and a guiding set of principles which have served me as a compass through life. I feel it is not just a responsibility, but a privilege to give back in both time and treasure to the institution that has given me so much.”

Anna Hatfield ’96
View More: http://saraeastman.pass.us/anna-hatfield“I am incredibly grateful for my undergraduate years at William & Mary and for the Tribe community. The impact on my life is immeasurable, and I am honored to support the College in any way I can. William & Mary will always be home.”

Jeb Jeutter ’82
Jeutter“I believe that my time at William & Mary has played a direct role throughout my life in who I am and what I have achieved. It is my hope that, as a member of the Board, I will encounter others who feel similarly, and together we will seek meaningful ways of returning that gift so that others may experience the same.”

Kirsten Shiroma ’05
Shiroma“When I think of W&M, I think of opportunity. W&M gave me the opportunity to grow as a person — academically and personally — more than I thought was possible. Since graduation, it has been a life goal to provide the same opportunities for other Tribe members. A role on the Board would allow me to continue this goal, and at the same time bring the experiences I gained from leading the largest chapter in the nation to the Board.”

Nominations for Alumni Association Board

The Bylaws of the William & Mary Alumni Association require all board members to be alumni of the College of William & Mary and active donors, regardless of giving levels, to any recognized fund of the institution or the Alumni Association. Members must be willing and able to attend regular and special board meetings, as required, in Williamsburg or other approved locales to conduct Alumni Association business.

You may find out more about the requirements for the alumni board and access nomination forms here. Nominations are accepted all year but must be received by Jan. 1 to be considered for that election year.

2017 Honorary Alumni

The William & Mary Alumni Association is proud to announce a group of dedicated friends of the university, who have demonstrated a lasting commitment to and genuine affinity for William & Mary. They will be recognized during the 2017 Commencement weekend as honorary alumni:

A special ceremony in their honor will be held on May 12 in the Alumni House. For more information, call Susan Bowe ’85 at 757.221.7855.