Spring 2022 Issue

Trumpeting the Tribe

By Brian Focarino '11, J.D. '15

What does a world-class university publication look like? How does it make you feel? How should a great institution like William & Mary share its stories? Lift its people and its values? Find and amplify its voice?

Last fall, William & Mary surveyed our community far and wide — students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends — to seek feedback on ways to enhance its communications, including this magazine. Thousands answered the call.

Your input will generate concrete recommendations and steps to be taken in the coming months, including how we can continuously improve the alumni magazine readership experience. The insights shared by so many of you are critically valued and vitally important to this work. Thank you.

While we continue to review all the responses, a few trends have emerged:

Most respondents indicated they get their information about the university from William & Mary Alumni Association publications, including the magazine and Hark, the WMAA’s monthly e-newsletter. Over 50% of respondents read every issue of the magazine, and 77% of respondents spend at least 15 minutes with each issue;

With your feedback in mind, let us again consider — what does a world-class university publication look like? Whether in print or online, it reflects all of us. It understands that diverse perspectives, united by powerful shared experiences, are a strength unique to William & Mary. It makes us feel in turn proud and reflective of our past, thankful and determined of our present, and confident and inspired for our future.

When apart, our communications, like this magazine, unite us. It reminds us of the William & Mary we all remember while introducing us to a William & Mary we never dreamed could exist. It is something familiar and new.

Thank you again for picking up this magazine — your magazine — and for letting us know your thoughts. Together, we will ensure William & Mary continues to expand its reach, educate for impact and evolve to excel. We will share our story far and wide, now and for all time coming.

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