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Move-In Day Advice

from alumni to the Class of 2025

August 27, 2021
By Jennifer Hughes

The Class of 2025 began moving into their dorms this week! We asked the W&M alumni community on social media what dorm they lived in as a freshman and what advice they would share with incoming students. Thank you to everyone who responded! To add your thoughts, visit or @WMalumni on Twitter and Instagram.


1. Class Year: Class of 1991
Freshman Residence Hall: Hunt
Advice: Explore and take in all the beauty of the campus, as well as Colonial Williamsburg. Best four years ever!

2. Class of 1979
Just enjoy the experience. It's such a great school.

3. Class of 2007
I would encourage new students to take advantage of all the great opportunities on campus to meet new people! Your dorm/hall can be a great first start, but don't forget that there's an entire campus full of fantastic people to meet & befriend!

4.Class of 1987
Have fun but make time to study!

5. Class of 2014
Fauquier 3L
W&M has KAYAKS you can rent for free! There's NEVER a reason to wear nice-heeled shoes in the 'Burg. The bricks or the mud will absolutely destroy them. Go with a cute sneaker or inexpensive flats. Also, get rain boots. It's gonna flood, a lot. 

6. Class of 1991, J.D. 1996
DuPont 3rd West. 1987-88. No AC.
Get to know your hall mates — I remained good friends with many of them after graduation.

7. Class of 1999
Barrett 3rd East when it was still all freshmen women and no AC.
Consider how far your dorm is from any 9 a.m. classes you’re tempted to take — Morton is faaaaaaaaaar from Barrett at that hour! 

8. Class of 1991
DuPont 3rd Center! In the days before AC!
Participate in those RA icebreakers … you might just make some lifelong friends. 

9. Class of 1995
Yates 3rd Center
The first semester is the hardest because of all of the changes, but it gets much easier after that. Also, just because you are a morning person, it doesn’t mean other people are. Do not sign up for 8 a.m. classes if you can avoid it because no one goes to bed before 2 a.m.

10. Class of 2007
August-September it’s pretty hot. Box fans in your window will save your life, if your dorm doesn’t have AC. Ask for help, get out of your comfort zone. Shower shoes are a non-negotiable. 

11. Class of 1980
Taliaferro A, 1st floor, before it was renovated.
Enjoy CW, Lake Matoaka, and College Woods. Expand your comfort zone, and hope you have a roommate who doesn't go home every weekend.

12. Class of 2020
Bring rain boots and an umbrella! You’ll thank me later. 

13. Class of 1987
Spotswood Lower 2nd in Botetourt Complex!
Bring a fan! As for how to enjoy your time at W&M, take advantage of all that the university and CW has to offer. If they still allow your W&M ID to get in free for CW, Jamestown and Yorktown, use it right away — don't wait to visit those great places last week of senior year! Do a study abroad program. I did summer at Cambridge because I loved W&M so much I didn't want to spend a year away. Best of luck, welcome to the Tribe!

14. Class of 1985, M.A. 1996
Yates 1st Center before air conditioning.
Make your bed then go and meet your hall mates. If no one asks you to join them, step out of your comfort zone and invite yourself! I made lifelong friends that first day!

15. Class of 1987, J.D. 1996
Remember that this too shall pass. Enjoy all of the great moments and don’t let the hardships weigh you down too heavily! 

16. Class of 1999
I was right there in Fauquier! Third lower, to be precise.
Take the chance to try new things, and don't be too hard on yourself ... you're there to learn about anything and everything, especially yourself.

17. Class of 2006
Spotswood 2nd
Have a good fan and be prepared to walk lots! Drink lots of water for hot August move in. Weekend breakfasts at the Caf included waffles and omelets! Study at the library or an empty classroom, not in the dorm. Have shower shoes and a shower caddy for the hall bathroom.

18. Class of 1987
Waterval Yates 1st Center with no air conditioning! I think I heard this air conditioning now, I mean that was 38 years ago!
If you are a morning person, take 8, 9 or 10 a.m. classes and you are done!

19. Class of 1986
Spotswood 2nd
Invest in good rain gear! ­

20. Class of 2003
Monroe 3rd West
Step outside your comfort zone and get enough sleep.

21. Class of 1975
Yates 2nd
Support free speech and open academic inquiry.

22. Class of 1989
Don't believe the hype, early morning classes are great. You get more educational bang for your buck.

23. Class of 2005
Shower shoes are a DEFINITE. Shower early in morning after first clean! Use the resources on campus! 

24. Class of 2008
Yates 3rd Center
Take advantage of every unique opportunity to discover what you love— it may be something you least expect. And spend more time in the Sunken Garden!

25. Class of 1985
Give yourself time to get adjusted. Took me awhile! Love W&M!

26. Class of 2004
My freshman roommates (yes, three of us in a tiny room!) are still my best friends to this day. 💚💛💚💛 My advice is to not worry if you forgot something at home. I had to have several things mailed to me those first few weeks. (Thanks, Mom! 😘)