Fall 2020 Issue

Honorary Alumni Nominations

By John S. Kane

Each year, the William & Mary Alumni Association confers Honorary Alumni status to selected individuals. These individuals have a distinguished record of service, support, advocacy and commitment on behalf of William & Mary and/or its schools, departments, units, organizations and boards.

Many honorees have been active and supportive spouses of alumni leaders. Others have been involved with the university and given of their talents far exceeding anyone’s expectations. 

The William & Mary Alumni Association invites you to nominate an individual you feel deserves the status of Honorary Alumnus or Honorary Alumna for 2021.  Your nomination should describe the candidate's visible and consistent involvement with the university: his or her loyalty and affection for William & Mary as seen through active participation, generosity of leadership and financial assistance or prominent advocacy and counsel.   

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Board of Directors will consider all nominations at their February 2021 meeting.  At an afternoon ceremony in May 2021, the Board of Directors will confer this very special honor on the selected nominees. 

Nominations can be submitted online at this link: https://wmalumni.com/awards-and-recognition/honorary-alumni.html.

All nominations for consideration in 2021 are due by November 15, 2020.

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