Fall 2023 Issue

W&M in the News

Faculty and staff make headlines

By W&M Alumni Magazine
Illustrations By Elizabeth Traynor

William & Mary faculty and staff are experts in their fields and widely cited in national and global media for their scholarship and professional leadership. Here are just a few examples from early 2023.


Watermen tapped to trawl for crab pot ‘ghosts’ of the Chesapeake Bay — NPR, March 15

On the importance of removing old crab pots in the Chesapeake Bay:

“That ghost gear is competing against the active gear that the crabber is utilizing in fishing and taking crabs from that.” 

Kirk Havens, Research Professor and Director of the Center for Coastal Resources Management, William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Those window stickers to prevent bird strikes? There’s a catch. — The New York Times, Feb. 2

On putting decals on windows to deter birds from flying into the glass:

“People who are buying decals and putting them on the windows, they want to do good, they want to do right by the birds. You do have to take the extra step of putting it on the outside of the window.”

John Swaddle, Professor of Biology and Faculty Director of the Institute for Integrative Conservation


What the House GOP rebels were right about — The Washington Post, Jan. 11

On the many rounds of voting that led to the Speaker of the House’s election:

“The country is better off if Democrats and Republicans engage each other constructively and out in the open.”

C. Lawrence Evans, Newton Family Professor of Government


The Super Bowl’s most reliable stock market indicator? The ads — The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 10

On the power of advertising during the Super Bowl:

“The Super Bowl is one of those moments when you get to see what resonates with the crowd immediately — and, as importantly, what doesn’t.”

Peter Atwater ’83, P ’17, P ’20, Adjunct Lecturer of Economics


What Do Big Tech Layoffs Mean for STEM Programs? — The Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 7

On the expansion of the data science program at William & Mary and the importance of data fluency:

“Our students are understanding that if they’re combining that data fluency with strong communication skills, strong critical-thinking skills, that is actually opening up pathways for different types of internships and full-time opportunities.” 

— Kathleen Powell, Chief Career Officer