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Natalie Revers ’18 takes the crown in statewide cherry blossom competition

March 8, 2019
By Mona Sharaf '19

cherry-blosson-photo.pngNatalie Revers ’18 has been named Cherry Blossom Princess by the Society of Virginia and will represent the state during the National Conference of State Societies' Cherry Blossom Princess Program which takes place during Washington D.C.'s National Cherry Blossom Festival March 20 to April 14, according to a news release.

This annual celebration brings together women representing all states and territories in the United States to share their regions history while celebrating the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., which were a gift from Japan. 

Revers, a Virginia native, was chosen for her academic excellence and commitment to studying Asian culture as an undergraduate at William & Mary. Revers, 22, is a financial analyst for the Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate Group, according to the release.

The Society of Virginia was founded in 1924 as an organization that celebrates the culture, history, traditions and people of Virginia. Each year, one woman is chosen to represent Virginia in the annual festival. Princesses are chosen from each state and territory in the U.S. based on their academic achievement, exceptional poise and appearance, excellent interpersonal communication skills, leadership, and interest in social, civic, community and world affairs. They must also demonstrate a strong desire to serve others through community service and responsibility.

Each year, a Cherry Blossom Queen is selected through a random drawing and represent the country for a full year before giving their crown to the next queen.