James Blair Hallway

Mona Sharaf '19

You got served
By & Large
Rosie Cheng '20 is acing life
From the Ice to the Field
By & Large
Woodard Hooper ’20 always knew she was going to be a college athlete. It was never a question, but with her first love being ice hockey, Hooper never expected to be recruited for field hockey.
Lawyer Up
By & Large
Paul Rowley '17, J.D. '20 takes his skills to the court
The Brightest Mind
Alexandra Bracken ’09 goes from Barrett Hall to Best-Selling Author
A kaftan life
Online Exclusive
Virginia Newton ’10 and Jarryd Hammel ’10 are the co-founders of Kaftan Life, a new e-commerce apparel brand specializing in comfortable, conscientious women’s clothing. They launched in March 2019 with an exclusive collection of ethically-sourced designer kaftans.
Natalie Revers ’18 takes the crown in statewide cherry blossom competition
Online Exclusive
Natalie Revers ’18 has been named Cherry Blossom Princess by the Society of Virginia and will represent the state during the National Conference of State Societies' Cherry Blossom Princess Program which takes place during Washington D.C.'s National Cherry Blossom Festival March 20 to April 14.
Four Decades of Trust
Jeanie Walls Knigin '73 Builds A Successful Niche on Wall Street
The haunted history of Dillard Complex
Online Exclusive
Three miles away from campus, the remnants of Dillard Complex lay empty, absent of new residents and in need of a landscaping job. What once resided within those walls? Most know the complex as home to Hughes Hall and Munford Hall, William & Mary dorms which housed students from 1965 to 2006. In the past, however, their halls were filled with the nurses and doctors of Eastern State Hospital, the first public mental hospital in the country.
Nobody Does it Better
Seniors Dixon and Prewitt Grow Into the Winningest Senior Duo Ever
It Came From Beyond
Online Exclusive
What do you get when you combine the 1950s, space, musical theater and a comic book? You get Cornell Christianson’s ’74 newest off-Broadway musical, “It Came From Beyond.”
From the Military to MBA: Mastering the art of online learning at W&M
Online Exclusive
For military personnel, it is often challenging to take time away from serving their country in order to pursue higher education. William & Mary’s Online MBA program offers a unique option where one does not need to sacrifice one for the other. The program allows current servicemen and women to continue working while furthering their education.
From Carolina Hurricanes fan to announcer
Online Exclusive
How do you go from sports superfan to a part of the team? Ask Wade Minter ’97, who achieved this dream, in his own way.