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Students Voices: One Tribe One Day 2019

April 18, 2019
By Noah Robertson '19

Fun on the Sunken Garden: The One Tribe One Day campus carnival featured many exciting activities including a mechanical shark, zipline and Sno-to-Go truck. Photo: Alfred Herczeg

Quick question — what day of the year can you come to campus, take a zipline down the Sunken Garden, hang on for dear life while riding a mechanical shark, win prizes, eat snacks and enjoy Williamsburg’s one-of-a-kind Sno-to-Go ice cream?

Answer — there’s only one: One Tribe One Day.

This past Tuesday, William & Mary hosted its sixth annual global celebration of giving back and paying it forward, and it featured a campus carnival for students and faculty and events for alumni around the world. Mixed among the fun was the spirit of generosity that makes this W&M tradition so special. One Tribe One Day, after all, isn’t just about the carnival; it’s about the connections, which bring together the Tribe community for the common goal of giving back.

But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to those who were there.

Peter Faragasso ’21, government major

“Honestly, I came for the mechanical shark,” Faragasso said, proudly showing his shirt, which was ripped from his last ride. “But my family made a point to donate this year because giving is one of our fundamental values in life. We try to reflect often and think about how we can make other people’s lives better.”

Matthew Packer ’19, kinesiology & health sciences major

“I gave today because college is really an investment in yourself. Personally, I gave to the Diversity and Inclusion Fund because inclusivity is one of the most important parts of the college experience. I want to make sure we have a welcoming community.”

Marisa Lemma ’20, government major

“I came to the carnival because I wanted to participate in the William & Mary community. We get so much, it’s nice to give back every once and awhile. The Sno-to-Go also helps…”

Kylin Adams ’21, kinesiology & health sciences major

“One Tribe One Day is special because the whole university comes together to celebrate giving — both what we get and give back. It’s a great experience for any W&M student.”

Caleb Rogers ’20, public policy and history major

“Today really shows you just how much William & Mary students care. It brings us all together. I love that about the student body here.”