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Spring 2023 Book Roundup

May 9, 2023
By Julia DeKorte ’23

Spring is in full swing here at William & Mary. New buds are blossoming into flowers, and students are sunning themselves on the Sunken Garden. Enjoy the fresh air and warm temperatures while perusing these alumni authors’ new books.

The Traveler’s Companion by Charles Barnes ’60

Barnes tells the story of his travels over the years, beginning as a newly graduated W&M alumnus and moving through time as he navigates different historical moments and landscapes across the U.S. The book is available for purchase directly from the author — email or call 757-221-1167 to connect.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Guardian: A Book for Future Public Safety Professionals by Burke Brownfeld ’04

Brownfeld, a corporate security professional and former law enforcement officer, introduces kids to different public safety jobs in his new children’s book. From police offers to firefighters to park rangers, information about the importance of these roles is presented in a meaningful, educational and positive manner.

Cross Connections: A Life’s Story About One Pastor’s Ministry of Connecting the Episodes of Family, Church, Friends, Mentors, and Events by Jim Cobb ’69, P ’07

Cobb, who has decades of experience as a pastor, tells stories of his time within the Lutheran Church. With humor, gratitude, reflection and personal anecdotes, Cobb draws connections between many of his favorite moments in life and shares them with readers. 

D1 Football Recruiting Secrets by Marcus Crockett ’92

Crockett, who has been working in the sports recruiting business for many years, reveals his secrets to getting recruited to play college football in this e-book. With tips, strategies and guidance, Crockett offers help to readers trying to get into their top schools and earn scholarships.

Leaves From a President’s Notebook: Lessons on Life and Leadership by Thomas K. Hearn Jr. P ’82, with Tom Hearn ’82

The late Hearn, a former president of Wake Forest University from 1983-2005 and former philosophy professor at William & Mary,began writing a series of leadership lessons, but he passed away before his book was finished. With the help of The Center for Creative Leadership, Hearn’s son, Tom Hearn ’82,  finished the book and published it, sharing his father’s insights on leadership development, college athletics and the role of the modern university with readers everywhere.

Monarchs: Bud Metheny, Old Dominion Baseball, and the Foundational 1960s Championship Teams by Jay Ingram ’93

Ingram’s father, John Ingram, attended Old Dominion University (established in 1930 as an extension of William & Mary and Virginia Tech before becoming independent in 1962) and was a member of the baseball team. To honor some of his most cherished memories, Jay Ingram explores the foundational legacy left behind by Old Dominion Coach Bud Metheny and his team that went on to win the regional NCAA College Eastern Division championship in 1964.

28 Days To Save the World: Crafting Your Culture To Be Ready for Anything by Dan Purvis with Jason Smith ’07

Drawing on personal experience working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Purvis, co-founder of engineering firm Velentium, and Smith, senior marketing strategist at Velentium, explain how to face challenges as a small business and even use them to cultivate a stronger company culture.