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Summer 2022 Alumni Book Roundup

August 10, 2022
By Julia DeKorte ’23

There’s nothing better than a good book to dive into during the last days of summer, except perhaps a good book to dive into written by member of the William & Mary alumni community. Enjoy this summer’s book roundup as the days cool off, complete with a historical murder mystery, a military thriller, a true crime collection and much more.


Mindful Moments with Maude by Pamela Guyler Boll Capetta M.Ed. ’80, C.A.S.E. ’85, Ed.D. ’90

In this picture book, Capetta teaches children about mindfulness and how to practice it every day. Join devoted dog Maude, Addie and Grammy as they create space and time for themselves on their first ever Mindfulness Day—a day without electronics. The book includes discussion questions to for parents, teachers and caregivers to explore the book with young readers.


Miracle Warrior: Surviving a Shattered Life by Gigi Guin Cramer ’66, M.F.A. ’67

Cramer’s memoir tells the incredible story of a car accident that almost took her life and the resiliency with which she fought to stay alive. She also shares other personal stories that speak to the strength of the human spirit.


WMGIC x NATO ACT Cybersecurity Challenge edited by Kay Floyd ’05, Thomas Liu ’22, Nathaly Perez ’22, Kate Hoving, Tyler Lawrence, Piret Pernik

The NATO Allied Command Transformation (NATO ACT) Cyber Space Branch partnered with William & Mary’s Global Innovation Challenge (WMGIC) and Whole of Government Center of Excellence for a competition involving 56 teams of undergraduate students from 52 universities in the NATO alliance. In this ebook, the teams present solutions to address election meddling and disinformation.


Master Your Mindset: How Women Leaders Step Up by Molly Gimmel ’90

Gimmel, an entrepreneur and former chairwoman of the National Association of Women Business Owners, shares rules, tips and personal anecdotes to teach readers what it means and what it takes to be a leader in all aspects of life.


Back of the Napkin: A Start-Up’s Legal Path From Idea to Enterprise by Alicia Locheed Goodrow ’88

Goodrow uses stories and case studies to teach the fundamentals of starting a business. Helpful not only for innovators and entrepreneurs, but also investors and professionals, the book offers tools to help launch a business on a 90-day timeline.


Isle of Devils, Isle of Saints: An Atlantic History of Bermuda by Michael J. Jarvis M.A. ’93, Ph.D. ’98

Jarvis’ book explores the social and cultural history of Bermuda and explains how Bermudian history can help readers understand colonialism in America.


Shared History by Jean Kreiling ’76

Kreiling’s third book of poetry contains themes of family life, travel, nature, the sea and passionate responses to the arts in every genre as she writes about love and loss involving various people and places.


The Able Archers by Brian J. Morra ’78

In this historical thriller, Morra writes the story of Air Force Capt. Kevin Cattani and Soviet GRU Col. Ivan Levchenko, who team up to stop the worst nuclear crisis of the Cold War. The novel, based on real events, details the events of the Cold War in a military-style thriller.


Writing for the Public Good edited by Steven Noll ’74

This collection of 100 opinion pieces by David R. Colburn and former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida — edited by alumnus Steven Noll — examines Florida’s role in American society and politics.


Last Call at the Nightingale by Katharine Schellman Paljug ’09

Best-selling author Schellman’s novel tells the story of Vivian Kelly, who, after long, dreary days of sewing at a dress shop, escapes to The Nightingale, a speakeasy in Prohibition-era New York. One night, what was once a place of happiness, excitement and liberation turns into a crime scene and Vivian, who discovered the body, is caught in the middle of it.


To My Dreamcatcher and Ukweli: Searching for Healing Truth by Elizabeth Robin (Robin Brown Liebenberg ’76)

Writing under the name Elizabeth Robin, Liebenberg has published “To My Dreamcatcher,” her third collection of poems about adventure, loss, acceptance and rebirth. She also contributed to “Ukweli,” a collection of essays and poems about race relations in her home state of South Carolina.


Horrific Homicides: A Judge Looks Back at the Amityville Horror Murders and Other Infamous Long Island Crimes by Thomas M. Stark, with Beth Stark Dugan ’79 and Ellen Stark

Sisters Beth Stark Dugan and Ellen Stark finished what their father, Judge Thomas M. Stark, started: a book filled with true stories of some of the most infamous and horrific cases Judge Stark presided over before he passed away in 2014.


Banking on Beijing: The Aims and Impacts of China’s Oversees Development Program by Michael J. Tierney ’87, M.A. ’89 and Bradley Parks ’03

William & Mary alumni and faculty members Michael Tierney and Bradley Parks discuss China’s secretive grant-giving and lending activities and analyze the intended and unintended effects of its overseas investments.