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The Beautiful Ones: Dan Piepenbring ’08 on his Time with Prince
Online Exclusive
When Prince died in 2016, many thought that was the last we would hear from this talented performer. However, at the time of his death, Prince was working with Dan Piepenbring ’08 on a book about his life.
Forrest Gander ’78, Pulitzer Prize Winner
Online Exclusive
Since his time as an undergraduate at William & Mary, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in geology and started to become more serious about his interest in poetry, Forrest Gander ’78 has had an illustrious career.
Film “Solo Orange” faces anxiety and depression head on
Online Exclusive
With the William & Mary talent behind “Solo Orange,” it’s no wonder that the short film is dominating the contest circuit.
The haunts that call old campus home
Online Exclusive
The older a place is, the more likely it is to collect ghost stories and William & Mary’s campus is no exception. Superstitions and rumors spread and change over the years like a haunted game of telephone.
A Gift that Gives
By & Large
When Megan Dorward ’07 and Richard Brahan married in October 2019, the two set up their registry to help others.