James Blair Hallway

Sara K. Eskridge

W&M Hosts Iron Chef Star
Online Exclusive
On December 3, lunchtime in Sadler Center’s Center Court was no ordinary affair. Holding court at the steamy ramen counter was celebrity chef Katsuya Fukushima, who was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and “Iron Chef.”
Hark Upon a Kale
Wilford Kale ’66 likes to say that he came to William & Mary at age 18 and never left. This spring, he published his fifth book on the university, “From Student to Warrior: A Military History of the College of William and Mary.”
Forty years ago, W&M women made waves
Online Exclusive
In July 1978, Judge John Sirica, still infamous from his pivotal role in the Watergate case, ruled that it was unconstitutional for Congress to bar women from serving on U.S. Navy ships. That November, a handful of women made history when they became the first female crew members of a non-hospital naval vessel.
“The Conqueror” fights on the festival circuit
Online Exclusive
In Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, heroes don’t wear capes. They wear boxing gloves. In his first outing, film producer Bradford Downs ’13, along with director Timothy Blackwood has created “The Conqueror,” a short film centered on Jerome Conquest, a Philadelphia maintenance worker and professional boxer struggling to make a better life for his family in one of the roughest neighborhoods in America.
G.I. Ginny
Virginia Claudon Allen '40 reflects on her experience in World War II's "Forgotten Theatre."
Ascending the Ranks
By & Large
The Raymond A. Mason School of Business makes a big leap in the rankings
Heir Apparent
Jay Jones ’10 lives up to a legacy of leadership.
All in the Family
Reflections on a William & Mary Dynasty
By Sara K. Eskridge
Photos courtesy of Charles Kimbrough Barlowe '83, P '16
Close Up
By & Large
Glenn Close ’74, D.A. ’89 tells Her Story
Courtly Conduct
Wilford Taylor Jr. J.D. '78 Reflects on Life From the Bench
Culture Vulture
Olivia Newton-John didn’t know it, but in the 1980s, her biggest fan was a third-grader living in the D.C. suburbs. Jen Chaney ’94 talks TV.
Story By Sara K. Eskridge
The Playmaker
W&M’s Head Women’s Soccer Coach Reflects on Coming Full Circle
W&M women talk TV
Online Exclusive
At the 12th Annual W&M Global Film Festival costume designer Kim Wilcox ’88, comedy writer Jill Twiss ’98, drama writer Chitra Sampath ’06, and network creative director Kristin Boos ’08 gathered for a discussion with Megan Gilbride ’00 about their varied roles in the television industry.
The Final Curtain: Farewell for Now
By & Large
Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall Goes Dark