Vol. 83Fall 2017No. 1

An Eventful Season
Alumni Focus
The William & Mary Alumni Association is committed to providing best-in-class alumni engagement programs and services benefiting all members of the Tribe. During the spring and summer, there have been many extraordinary opportunities for our alumni to connect with alma mater and each other.
College and University
From the Brafferton
How best to communicate William & Mary’s breadth and depth was important to Jefferson and his peers in the late 1700s, however, and it is even more important in today’s world.
Black at William & Mary
Commemorating 50 years of African-Americans in Residence
Coke Is It
Image is everything. Just ask these alumni.
Alumni Fellowship Awards 2017
Every year, the W&M Alumni Association honors a select group of outstanding young faculty members who represent William & Mary at its very best.
One Memorable Weekend
William & Mary lights up the Big Apple
Ashley K. Speed • Photos Josh Power
W&M raises nearly $135m
W&M is No. 1 in alumni giving among nationally ranked public universities
Jennifer Page Wall
Home Improvement
The Alumni House will be expanded and renovated
Jennifer Page Wall
Art & Science
By & Large
Muscarelle Museum of Art chief curator identifies C?zanne painting
Service Awards
Honoring engaged, accomplished alumni
Claire De Lisle
Holding Court
Coach of the Year Tyler Thomson leads Tribe Women's Tennis toward excellence
Ben Kennedy '05
Board Notes
By & Large
A new slate of officers for the WMAA Board of Directors
WMAA Nominations
Honoring engaged, accomplished alumni
Alumni Association Staff
Broadway Success
Co-Producer Caitlin Clements '11 Wins Tony Award
Huge Leads the Tribe
Samantha K. Huge brings a winning mindset to W&M
Ashley K. Speed
Family Ties
Six friends join the William & Mary family as honorary alumni
Hark Upon a Kale
Wilford Kale ’66 likes to say that he came to William & Mary at age 18 and never left. This spring, he published his fifth book on the university, “From Student to Warrior: A Military History of the College of William and Mary.”
What Is Alumni Engagement?
A Q&A with the regional alumni engagement team
Alumni Association Staff
Increasing Economic Diversity
By & Large
The results are in
W&M's New Wellness Center
By & Large
Breaking Ground
Troops to Teachers
By & Large
A recently announced grant from the U.S. Department of Defense will fund a Troops to Teachers program in the W&M School of Education that trains veterans and soon-to-be veterans to become K-12 educators.
VIMS Pioneering Research
By & Large
Wake of the Flood